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Addiction to drugs & substances, alcoholism and other forms of behavioral disorders have become a major problem. It affects the individual, family of the addict/alcoholic and society in general.

We at AAYUSHMANA FOUNDATION have a very holistic program that identifies the problems and through a clinical, psychological process chalks out a path of recovery. This is done through a team of qualified doctors, psychoanalyst, psychiatrist, trained counsellors and includes both in-house and at-home treatment. We follow the latest programs tested and tried successfully all over the world.

Our comprehensive approach to the problem has yielded recovery in the most complex cases.
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Aayushmana Foundation has been inspired by many recovering addicts who have suffered for prolonged periods from various forms of addiction. Over the years, they have tried to remain clean and now want to share their paths to recovery with co-addicts and alcoholics. “Only an addict knows an addict” may be a cliched phrase, but its true. The way an addict/alcoholic thinks or behaves is not normal, and society turns against them because of their irrational behaviour, thereby pushing them further away from the mainstream. Little do the people forming opinions and passing judgements realize that the behaviour is driven by their habits which now guides their brains, and thinking, and manifestation. It is involuntary and induced by the physical presence of acids in their brain cells. At Aayushmana Foundation we treat them as human beings who have gone astray and need physical, mental and spiritual rehabilitation over a period of time. Nobody is born an addict or alcoholic, though genetics may have a role to play. An honest and sustained effort is made through a holistic process to begin their path towards recovery. Aayushmana Foundation has a core program which focuses on awareness, prevention, treatment, skills development, and after-care to ensure the entire process is complete.
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