Moral/Daily Inventory

Moral Inventory

The treatment provided at Aayushmana in Kolkata, India incorporates the 12-steps into the programming. The 10th Step is an opportunity to evaluate one’s life on a daily basis which can be done either through journaling or in a moment of self-reflection. it involves maintaining a certain level of integrity, ideals, and principles and represents that spiritual progress (not perfection) can be made through the taking of a daily personal and/or moral inventory. One of the most important traits of the Tenth Step is that it helps individuals to minimize the build-up of certain negative emotions (resentment, jealousy, irrational fear, anger, shame, self-pity etc.) that could potentially deter one’s recovery or make an individual more likely to relapse. Daily inventories can look different for many individuals in recovery from drug, alcohol, or process addiction.